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Welcome to Me Comma You!

Me Comma You four-week or six-week online writing classes are offered throughout the year. You may register anytime. Classes begin the Monday following your registration.

Give yourself or a loved one the gift of individual, attentive and convenient writing instruction, guidance and feedback to improve your academic and professional writing skills in an academic readiness writing course or to delve into guided self-reflection in a personal development writing course.

Our online writing classes encourage and develop the writer in you by guiding you through an intensive writing process with one-to-one feedback. All Me Comma You classes are designed to bring your writing more alive so that your words reveal the heart of the matter, whatever you are writing about! The writing classes are recommended for anyone age 14 and up. For more information or questions, connect with Me Comma You here.

Academic Readiness

Me Comma You six week academic readiness essay writing workshops focus on the essay writing process from generating ideas to final revision and will help you prepare for high school or college level writing expectations as well as improve your professional or personal essay writing skills.

Academic readiness workshops are perfect for students transitioning into college or into high school, or for current college or graduate students, professionals, or people interested in developing their essay writing skills.

Personal Development

Me Comma You four week personal development writing workshops focus on using writing as a process for self-reflection and will help you gain greater awareness and insight through guided writing work with individual feedback.

Personal development workshops are perfect for anyone wanting greater self-understanding, especially people who are seeking change or growth, or people who want to use a creative approach to deeper self-awareness.

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Narrative/Descriptive Essay Writing

Narrative and Descriptive Essay Writing

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Heart Odysseys

Heart Odysseys

Life Study course

Life Study – My Human Journey

In order to develop the writing skills of our oldest son before he entered high school, we enrolled him in a class taught by Kelly LeFave.  She provided an effective and convenient approach to writing instruction, and our son benefited from Kelly’s challenging assignments and her constructive review.  

–Justin D.

Taking this class was just the tip of the iceberg to discovering how to communicate myself through writing. I hope to take another class with you. All the advice and feedback you gave me was spot on and improved my piece immensely. However, I still need to do the work for myself. You challenged me in ways I wasn’t expecting and I surprised myself by actually finding the words to say what you asked of me.

—Alexis A.

Meet the instructor, Kelly LeFave:

Kelly LeFave

Kelly LeFave

“I have taught writing at the college level for more than 20 years.  I love the opportunity to work one-on-one with people to help them develop their writing.  Writing is crucially important in so many ways, and I bring awareness to many aspects of the work and joy of writing as I offer feedback, guidance and direction through the writing process.  As a poet and writer myself, and a human being deeply moved to express and understand my life journey, I value writing not only as a skill, but as one of our most profound avenues for self-expression, self-reflection, and self-awareness.  Using writing to bring our inner lives more in relationship with our outer lives–whether to hone our skills as writers, to write well for education or work or public life, to express our ideas and creativity, or to get to the heart of the matter–is vital and essential human work.”